Our Membership
Features & Benefits

  • Our exclusive focus is on veterinary biologics (not pharmaceuticals, feed additives, etc.).
  • AVBC’s views are solicited and respected by APHIS personnel.
  • We maintain professional legal counsel with a Washington DC office that has extensive experience in veterinary medical issues.  This expertise may also serve as a resource for individual members on proprietary matters.
  • AVBC monitors and sends periodic updates on APHIS rule-making and disseminates this information to member firms for comment in a timely fashion.
  • Our organization is a cost-effective regulatory resource, as dues cost less than paying in-house personnel to keep up with APHIS rule-making.
  • Many AVBC members consist of retired top APHIS personnel who now are consultants and provide great insight into the workings of the agency.  These consultants are also available to individual firms for in-house projects.
  • APHIS personnel attend and participate in AVBC meetings.
  • AVBC is an Interested Party for the International Cooperation on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Products (VICH).  AVBC counsel attends VICH Steering Committee meetings and reports to AVBC membership.  This is a cost-effective way for AVBC member firms to have a presence in and monitor on VICH activities.
  • The AVBC organization works for the benefit of veterinary biologics licensees in regard to APHIS policy development and rule-making.  AVBC actions are based on active participation and input from members
  • Firms holding and applying for a USDA biologics license are eligible for full voting membership in AVBC.  Small firms have the same voice within the organization as large firms.
  • AVBC provides a strong, unified voice for our member firms before government officials and allied industry.
  • AVBC creates opportunities for member firms to interact and discuss issues associated with the biologics industry in both a business and social environment.

Membership Eligibility

    • Any company holding or applying for a USDA license or import permit for a veterinary biological product is eligible for voting membership in the association.
    • Companies, consultants, and persons in related industries are eligible to become associate members.

Membership Types

    • Active Member – Active membership is limited to holders of a USDA establishment license for production of veterinary biologics, firms in the process of obtaining such a license, and firms holding USDA import permits for sale and distribution.
    • Associate Member – Associate membership is available to companies and individuals in allied industries.
    • Independent Consultant – Independent Consultant membership is available for an individual operating as a one-person consulting business.

Dues Structure

Active MembersAnnual Fee Based on Number of Licenses

    • 0-2 Licenses ($2040)
    • 3-5 Licenses ($3,825)
    • 6-10 Licenses ($5,610)
    • 11-19 Licenses ($7,344)
    • 20-99 Licenses ($7,905)
    • 100+ Licenses ($8,670)

Associate MembersAnnual Fixed Fee ($1,530)

Independent ConsultantsAnnual Fixed Fee ($102)

Current Active & Associate Members

Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc.

American Animal Health, Inc.


Bimeda Biologics, Inc.

Boehringer Ingelheim, Inc.

Cambridge Technologies

Ceva Animal Health, LLC

Colorado Serum Company

EDGE Veterinary Vaccines Consulting Group, LLC

ELIAS Animal Health

Genvax Technologies, Inc



Innovative Diagnostics


Merck Animal Health

Mg Biologics

Pharmgate Biologics, Inc

Philbro Animal Health Corp.

Seppic, Inc

Torigen Pharamceutical


VMRD, Inc.

Zoetis, Inc.

Independent Consultants


Expedite Animal Health, Inc

Henderson Consulting, LLC

                                                               Lewis Biologics Consulting

PCS Biotech Services

Pair O’ Docs