AVBC engages in direct dialogue with the USDA CVB on current and emerging key issues in veterinary biologics through its bi-annual meeting program. 

Additional meetings may be held in conjunction with other industry-related conferences, such as the U.S. Animal Health Association meeting and the CVB Public Meeting.

“AVBC meetings are geared to encourage participation by all members and government officials are always welcome.

AVBC advocates for its membership through formal and informal statements on policy proposals and through meetings and other discussions with government officials – and with allies and adversaries in other industries.”

Ready to Join?

Join the nationally recognized network that supports, collaborates, coordinates, and promotes the interests of veterinary biologics. 

Any person holding or applying for a USDA license or import permit for a veterinary biological product is eligible for voting membership in the association.  Companies, consultants, and persons in related industries are eligible to become associate members.

Please contact the AVBC Secretariat if you are interested in learning more.